Monday, February 23, 2009

Hill Country 2009

Jody and I had a really fun weekend in the hill country. My big sis from KD, Gina, got married at a winery in Fredericksburg, TX. So....we took a little longer route on Friday because we wanted to make a few stops on the way. First, we stopped in Dublin, TX to have a Dr. Pepper float at the soda shop. It was so awesome! We both love Dr. Pepper, so it was a great first stop!

Then we headed down to Comanche, TX to a little winery called Brennan Vineyards. We tasted a few and took a look around and then we were on our way.

The next stop was Mason, TX. It is a small town with a quaint little town square. We went to an antique shop and a small winery that had a few of their own wines and several other Texas wines to try.

After we left there it was off to Fredericksburg. When we got there we picked up the keys to our B&B room and quickly went to the Fredericksburg Winery before they closed. Since we had been there before we knew one wine that we wanted to get, so we at least wanted to grab a bottle. Once we started to talking to the people there we found out that they had changed up the taste a little of the specific wine we came to get. Oh no! So we decided to do a tasting and see what changed. Not of course we bought a few.

Next, we went to check out our room. It was small and the house was built in the 30's, so it definitely had character. There was one hilarious thing about it....the sink in the bathroom. We had never seen such a tiny sink! It was like it was out of a doll house.

Later that evening we went to the Fredericksburg Brewing Co. and had a bite to eat. When we were done eating we were so tired from such a long day that we just called it a night!

On Saturday morning we got up early and did some shopping on Main St. which I loved. They have so many fantastic little shops! Shopping was only the beginning of what we had planned for the day! We headed to the wineries and were able to go to about 5 before time to get ready for the wedding. We wanted to do a few that we hadn't been to before, so we got out our wine map and started tasting! It was so much fun!

Our fist stop was Woodrose Winery in Stonewall, TX. This was our only repeat of the day. We really like the people and wine there so we had to stop again. They have the most relaxed tasting
atmosphere which is the best!

Pedernales Cellars was the next stop and it has only been open since December. It was very nice and the wine was great too.

We stopped off in Luckenbach, TX for a little bit to take a break from the tasting. It was so fun....we saw a little folk band playing in the dance hall and I had my picture taken on a longhorn. It is such a small place that if you blink you might miss it.

Then we went down to Sisterdale, TX to visit Sister Creek Vineyards. It is an old cotton gin turned into a winery.
On our way back to get ready we went to Rancho Ponte which had only been open for a couple weeks. The people there were very nice and everything was so clean and new.

A last minute stop was Chisom Trail and it was a western themed winery. We couldn't spend much time at the last stop because we had to get ready for the wedding. So, we quickly tasted a few, made our purchase and then we were on our way.

The wedding was at Grape Creek Vineyards and was beautiful. It was outside and of course I was not prepared for that. Once we got inside it was nice an cozy. It was so great to see so many old friends! Gina and Justin looked so happy and I wish them the very best!

Sunday morning we decided to hit the Fredericksburg Trade Days on the way out of town. We didn't really know what to expect, but usually get a kick out of those kinds of events. The trade days are held on the 3rd weekend of every month and we didn't know when we would time it that way again. Overall, it was like any other 2nd Monday we have ever been to. But there was something there that we have never seen before.

Words can NOT describe this one lady's set up. It was a sea of junk for sale. I can't even explain how bad it was. The sad part is we just kept walking around looking at all the stuff. I was in shock that someone could have that much junk.So, overall it was an awesome weekend! We love the hill country because it is so beautiful and there are so many things to do.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

25 Things about me., I am giving in. I never do surveys or anything and I have been tagged tons for this one. So I figured why not?

1. I am a huge red raider fan. I love anything and everything Texas Tech! We even have a room in our house dedicated to our school.

2. I LOVE Mexican food. I can eat it for any meal.

3. I absolutely love a good sale or even feeling like I got a good deal on something.

4. I feel much better about myself when I have a tan.

5. There is something about a bald kiddo that melts my heart and makes me smile. I love my job.

6. I like NASCAR. Don't judge. It is so fun to people watch at the race and the wrecks are awesome too!

7. I have had a crush on my husband since I was in 8th grade and he was in 9th. We were married on September 30,2006.

8. I love to travel. It doesn't have to be anywhere far, I just really love to get away. But, I would really like to go to Europe, Canada, Australia to name a few.

9. I love all dogs, but my favorite are basset hounds. I have one named Ziegen that I got in college. We also have a really fun German Shorthaired pointer named Cooper. They are our children for now.

10. I love Dr. Pepper.

11. I am not good at keeping in touch with old friends, but I miss them so so much!

12. My job is to give medicine, but I hate to take it myself.

13. I am the oldest of 3. I am 27, Brittany is 24 and Ryan is 17.

14. I love shoes so much that it is almost a problem!

15. I love free stuff. When drug reps bring pens and coffee mugs to work I want at least one of everything they have. Also, at conferences I load up on as many free items as I can and when I get home wonder what was I thinking!

16. I like Texas Country music and one of my favs is Roger Creager.

17. I love the beach or any place sunny. I hate to be cold!

18. My mom and I are best friends. We have been through a lot together and have always been connected at the hip.

19. I really like new calendars. I like to fill in birthdays, activities, and holidays on a fresh new calendar.

20. It is very hard for me to sit still. I am always at least moving a leg or something.

21. I care what people think. I wish I didn't, but I do.

22. I have a new found love for wine. Jody and I enjoy going to different Texas wineries and doing tastings.

23. I really like to be on time. I am usually early to work and get stressed if I am even running a little late.

24. I do not like fans blowing air on me. I don't like wind or even the air conditioning blowing straight on me.

25. I love cookbooks and new recipes.

I think that will do it. It took forever! Now I know why I never do those things!

Friday, February 06, 2009


It has been a really long time since I did my last post! It is time for a little update on what's been happening with us over the past few months. Starting with .....Thanksgiving, we had lunch with Jody's extended family in Nocona,TX. I had to work the night before and the night of, so I was a little pooped. It was nice, however, to be able to do it all.

Then a few weeks later was my birthday. We went to Cheesecake Factory with my mom, brother and Jody's parents. I really love the Cheesecake Factory!
A few weeks later we went down to Austin/San Marcos, TX for my cousin Justin's graduation. He graduated from Texas State and then after it his parents had a party for him at the country club. They always know how to have fun, so we had a great time!After that came Christmas. We went to Abilene, TX for a few days to be with my extended family. My mom has 3 sisters and 2 brothers and all the families, except 1 (In South Carolina) were able to be there together. It was the first time in a really long time! This year I had several days off around Christmas, so it was nice to be able to enjoy the holidays.
New Year's was a pretty low key one this year. We went to eat at Rockfish with my mom and then over to our friends Chris and Jessi Mitchell's house.

Right after New Year's was the Cotton Bowl. We are die hard Tech fans, so we had to be there. Other than the losing part we had a really great time! We got there early to do some tailgating and it almost felt like college again!
That weekend my cousin Timothy and his new bride Ali got married in Bryan,TX. We drove down for the day and were able to spend time with family. The wedding was beautiful and we are so happy for them!That next Monday my mom, sister and I all went to see Celine Dion. She is amazing! We got tickets a full year in advance and it was something my mom has been wanting to do for years! I am so glad we were able to take her and Celine was better than I even imagined. It was well worth the wait!

A few weeks later on January 12th my uncle tragically passed away. So, since I happen to have the end of that week off and my mom works for Southwest Airlines (making for easy travel), we went to South Carolina for the funeral. We flew into Columbia, but we actually stayed in Camden. My memaw, papaw and mom and I all made the trek together. There were many more people from Texas that wanted to go, but it was just too last minute. My aunt and her family were there most of the week and stayed a little longer to help out. He was in law enforcement, so it was a really neat experience to see them present the flag and everything.The last few weekends have been fun because I haven't had to work and we were able to do some fun things around here. We went to our Sunday school chili cook off/ game night, the Ft. Worth Stock Show and Rodeo and we went to Chris and Jessi's for the Super Bowl.So, that brings us to this past weekend I worked all weekend and Jody went to Arkansas. He was helping our friend Blake and his dad at their tree farm. Now we are back to the daily grind (or nightly for me), I am back to work tonight. I will try not to wait so long between posts next time!