Thursday, December 29, 2011

Abby's First Christmas

Well, things have settled down a bit and we finally got the chance to give an update.  Throughout all of the hustle and bustle we did manage to stop a few moments and enjoy sharing in Abigail's first Christmas. After a bit of trading Abby duties between each of us and our parents, we were able to get some last minute shopping in.  The malls and traffic can seriously ruin the Christmas spirit if you don't watch out! 

The pace didn't stop because we had five different venues to open gifts.  Thursday we opened gifts and shared a meal at home with Abby's Aunt Brittany and Granddad Pappa Mike. Next, we took Abigail to the Christmas Eve service with both sides of the family and spent Christmas Eve with Jody's family.  The three of us had our own Christmas morning at our house and then drove to Abilene.  Christmas afternoon and evening was spent with Stephanie's Grandparents and extended family.  Finally we came home and opened gifts with Steph's family back in Arlington.

Aunt Leaza and Uncle Jon

Christmas Eve service at FBCA
Abby and Daddy
Abby and Mommy

Grandmother Tettleton
Sleepy faces

Christmas morning sleepy face
My own smart phone, nah, I'd rather have yours
Chomping on Mum Mums
Steph's family
Aunt Brittany
Grammy Sherry
While it seemed frantic and chaotic it worked out just fine. We find great joy in spending special moments like Christmas with Abby.  As you can imagine she got some practice at opening presents.  As her first birthday approaches she will need it.


Health-wise, Abby is recovering well from her last surgery but still has moments where pain is evident.  She will definitely let you know if she doesn't like how you are holding her and is getting a little partial to having her parents hold her.  Abby is reaching, rolling, does crunches when laid on her back and loves to stand-up on her strong legs.  Her arm strength is still lacking so she works hard to push up and look around.  She was just released to start physical therapy again so we can get back to tummy time and working on those arms.  She has a mouth full of teeth and we love watching her chomp into "Mum Mums."  We are currently giving her formula and some solid foods to try to add some calories.

We are looking forward to trips to the zoo with our "Abigator" this coming year
Our big girl is now 10 months old
Merry Christmas and a happy new year from the Tettletons.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Fort Worth Fun!


Friday night we celebrated Stephanie's 30th Birthday at Southlake Town Square and ended the night at Cheesecake Factory.   On Saturday we took a trip back to Cook Children's but this time not to get poked or prodded by doctors and nurses.  It was fitting that Abigail meet Santa Clause where she has spent a lot of time in her short life.  Abby did great as she sat in Santa's lap for the first time.  She was very curious and reached up innocently to grab his beard.

Abby is recovering fairly well from her surgery but occasionally has pain issues when sitting up for a while or being held.  They sent us home with a mini do-nut like you get if you break your tailbone for her to use as a cushion.  We take lots of baths to keep her bottom clean and she has a few follow-up doctors visits this week.

Sunday we headed back over to Fort Worth for a Christmas Event at Thistle Hill.  The old home, now a museum, was decorated for Christmas according to the illustrations in the Tasha Tudor version of Twas the Night Before Christmas.  Abby was probably a bit too young for some of the activities but she and Stephanie made a b-line to the petting zoo.  The happiest kid in the pen was the thirty-year-old.  Abby did pretty well until a few goats tried to nip at her hat.  Stephanie just about put the goat in her jacket and snuck him out.


Get in my jacket while no one is looking
Somehow during all of the craziness this week we managed to get our Christmas tree up and the lights on the house.  We have much to be thankful for this Christmas and we are enjoying sharing this time with our family of three.
Our little lamb

Friday, December 02, 2011

Back Home

Last of the Pedialyte
Not that thrilled
Preacher Abby

No Food, no smile
Lets get this thing over with!
We just got back from the hospital and are trying to settle in.  Abigail was released this afternoon and we stopped off to get some prescriptions on our way home.  The surgery on her bottom Monday morning was successful and she was recovering in her room by early afternoon.  She had a short bout with pain right after she got back but it wasn't that bad in hindsight.  She had a decent day Tuesday but by the time the anesthesia and strong pain medications wore off on Tuesday night, she was progressively getting worse.  She started getting uncomfortable and would whimper, scratch her face, kick her legs and arch her back with ten/twenty minutes in between episodes.

By the time Wednesday afternoon came around she continued to have these pain episodes with just a few seconds of down time in between.  We were doing all we could do, which was very little.  We couldn't pick her up, give her a bottle, or give her extra pain medication.  It was excruciating to watch and not be able to help.  Finally, the pain management team tried Ativan, and it calmed her.  Someone came to the conclusion that it was probably muscle spasms and Ativan did the trick.  She got some much needed rest and was allowed to have some pedialyte through her g-button shortly after.

Thursday she was feeling better and was being weaned off of the stronger pain medications.  Abby was also allowed to have formula which meant that she needed to get rid of all of what she was eating.  Once she did that we were one step closer to going home.  After a much better, but still tiresome night, we made it through Thursday. Friday afternoon the doctor came by came by and said she was ready to go home.

Grandmother Jane entertaining me
Kick the bubbles
So - thank you all for praying for our little girl.  Your prayers are greatly appreciated and we remain humbled by your support.  We are hopeful that she will have a speedy recovery and we can report more progress soon. 
On my way outta here!
PS we are wiped out so it may be a bit before the next post.