Wednesday, November 21, 2012

New Family Tradition - Gulf Shores, AL

Ah the beach... That was fun! 
Yep, its been a while.  Life gets in the way of  blogging quite often.  We have had a ton of great times since the last post and we will try to catch up.  In August (yeah, we know and we acknowledge we are way behind) we took a family vacation to Gulf Shores, Alabama, a place none of us had previously been.  Along for the road trip were Ryan, Brittany, Brittany's boyfriend Chris, Sherry and our crew of three.  After a long drive from Arlington we hit the beach where Abby had her first encounter with SAND!  After about ten minutes she figured out she pretty much hated it.  She lasted long enough for the some good photo ops though.

The Tettleton's
Abby & Momma
We had a great time at LuLu's!

The girls favorite part was going to the "Little Zoo that Could" Gulf Coast Zoo in Gulf Shores.  The had a lot of interaction with the animals which they loved.  While the girls were at the zoo the guys took a quick drive across the border into Florida to play golf.  Each group got back before they got soaked in the rain.
Abby & Grammy Sherry
Steph & the goats
Stephanie, Lemur, and Brittany

We got out a few evenings to check out the area and had some quite a bit of seafood.  The surrounding area of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach were great for what we were looking for; a little relaxation, some good family time, the beach, and some great memories.

Another touristy place but hey we have no problem with those.

Can we go to the pool already?
Abby & Uncle Ryan
While Sherry and Abby stayed on shore the rest of us ventured out to sea for some fishing.  The seas were pretty rough most of the time so this wasn't quite what we had bargained for.

Ominous clouds might tell you a little about the results.

We caught a few Vermillion snapper and the deck hands pitched in quite a bit.
The clouds cleared for a while on our last full day and we had a chance to get more beach time in.  All in all, we thoroughly enjoyed our trip out to the Gulf Coast and would love to make it a new family tradition.

So fun!

Ryan, Chris, Brittany, Abby, & Stephanie. Our condo unit was in the building behind us.
Our pretty girl