Thursday, July 05, 2012

Summer Fun!

Summer is here and we have been out and about quite a bit so here are some miscellaneous pictures of our summertime excursions.

We headed to the Fort Worth food truck park one Saturday afternoon to see what all the fuss was about and we enjoyed ourselves and the new experience.  We tried the Butcher's Son and then got some cupcakes from the Red Jett Sweets truck.

Abby also had a good time riding along for errands like shopping - especially when they have fun carts to ride in.

So I get a prize?
Another Saturday we took Abby to a splash park here in town and let her and her daddy get soaked.  There were a lot of screaming kids around that made her a little tentative but she definitely had a good time in the water.

Pretty happy as long as dad's right by my side.
We signed Abigail up for a music class once a week and she has done fairly well.   Just about any song will get her trying to snap her fingers or clap her hands with the beat.

Getting ready for Music Class!
Dad joined in on the fun one day
Pat your knees.
Time to move the mattress down lower we have a active one.
Cooper is also ready for the day to start.
We celebrated Independence day at the Levitt Pavilion Tuesday night for live music and fireworks.  After a late night, we still made it out to the parade in the morning then to a cookout in the afternoon.  It was a short but sweet time spent with our little girl. 

Having fun at the Levitt.

Petting Zoo!

Lolly, Abby and Mom

Abby and Mom.
We have been richly blessed.

Go Rangers!

Over the past few months we've enjoyed some great days at the Ballpark.  We took Abby to her first Ranger game in May with our friends the Mitchells and she did great.  She loved the music in between innings and the players walk-up songs.  She also loves sharing mom and dad's nachos (sans jalapenos and cheese). 

Jessie, Kaitlyn, Stephanie, Abby and Lauren
Abby and Mommy
Abby and Daddy

Snapping to the beat!

Worn out!
We also got to celebrate Father's Day at the game and we had a nice spot in the shade.

The family on Father's Day

A few days later we returned and made it through the sweltering heat for another Ranger win!

Trying out our shades!

Mommy showing me how its done!
We had some company too! The Edwards and their daughter Ella.
The next time out we had great seats! Thanks Mr. Hewatt.
Grammy keeps me entertained.
Right before I was on the Jumbotron.
Nachos please.

The last time daddy went he didn't even bring a real camera, all he had to show for his great seats were phone pictures.  He sure did have a good time though and he and his friend Zack got on tv too.

Its been so much fun introducing Abby to baseball and the stadium atmosphere.  We have had a pretty darn good summer so far and so has our team.  Of course, we hope to be rooting for the Rangers in the World Series again this year!  

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Greenville, SC

We've been a little bit neglecting with the blog lately as usual.  Our days have been filled with just trying to keep up with what life has been throwing our way.  Obviously, much has occurred since our last post so we will try catch everyone up. In May we (Stephanie, Jody, Abby and Grammy) took a trip to Greenville, South Carolina to attend a wedding.  We had a great time celebrating with our friends Josh and Katie Beth as they tied the knot.  It was also a milestone for our big girl, her first flight!  

Stephanie, Abby & Josh waiting to get on the plane.
Josh was a brave soul and sat next to us for the ride since we ran into him at the airport.  Abby did pretty well on the flight.  Stephanie, however, did get to experience changing a diaper in an airplane bathroom which she doesn't recommend if you can help it.

Bye Bye, Texas.

Staying entertained during our layover.
Enjoying the ride!
We made it a four day weekend so we could enjoy some of the Greenville sights and we were not disappointed.  Having never been to that part of South Carolina we were unexpectedly impressed.  The main street in downtown Greenville was quite lively and there was plenty to see and do.  A river that runs through town and a curved suspension bridge help create great outdoor spaces.  We had a good time exploring downtown and dining at a few good spots.

Checking out the waterfalls
Liberty Bridge at Falls Park on the Reedy
Abby and Mommy at the Zoo
Grammy and Abby feeding the goats

We attempted to take Abby to the wedding and as soon as it began she decided to let her presence be known.  Grammy did a fine job of entertaining her during the ceremony and we were all back together soon for the reception.

Abby and Daddy
The happy couple and our crew
We had a great time at the party in the evening while Abby and Grammy played back at the hotel.

Photo booth fun
Steph and her buds Matt D. and Josh O.
Mommy and Abby at Mother's Day brunch before we headed back.
All in all, we were so glad we made the trip and thrilled for our friends as they begin their life together. 

Next post coming soon... Summer Fun!