Monday, October 31, 2011

San Antonio Trip # 2

We got back this past week from another trip to San Antonio for Abby's three month follow up visit with the liver transplant folks.  We also did a little sight-seeing while we were there.  The hospital is in the downtown area so we stayed close by and our hotel was directly across the street from the Alamo (hotel pictured in background - The Emily Morgan).

On the way there we stopped at a little mom 'n' pop restaurant and Abby got to try mashed potatoes for the first time! As soon as the lady put the plate down she smashed her hand right in them. Thankfully they were not too hot.

Remember the Alamo!
We took some time to walk around and take a few pictures near the Alamo. It was just as we remembered it - extremely underwhelming.  It is hard to believe such a significant place doesn't make a very big impact in person. 
Abby and Dad @ the Alamo

After the Alamo we made our way over to the Riverwalk. We had a great time walking around and we had to stop and look at the ducks. Any animal is fun for mom and Abby to look at!

We stopped for lunch in the market area before our appointment and Abby took a little siesta.

When we got to the appointment the doctor was in a meeting.  A long meeting. So that meant a little extra play time in a tiny room. She was a good sport, so it really wasn't too bad.

After the visit with the doctor it was time to get her labs drawn.  Good thing there was a fish tank in the waiting area! Abby loved looking at the all the fish!

Lab time
This wasn't the most fun part of our day. She is one tough cookie though. She is telling the lady...." I may only be 8 months old, but this ain't my first rodeo. My mom will tell you which vein to use and you will only need to stick me one time!"

The Alamo

Our brave girl at dinner.

Dinner at Boudro's on the Riverwalk
Davy Crockett
Overall, the trip was fine but we didn't have much to report until the blood work was complete.
Today we received those results and are happy to report that her direct bilirubin was 1.1 and her total bilirubin was 1.5. So great. So wonderful. So amazing. Her levels have never been that low. The doctor gave us the ok to see him in 6 months. That means we will go back at the end of March. Until then we will do our best to keep her as healthy as possible. We are so pleased to be able to give everyone a good report.

Friday, October 21, 2011

A Great Day!

Stephanie and Abby
This past weekend our family enjoyed a very special time at our church's baby dedication service.  Many relatives came in town to show their support and the day went really well.  Abigail and about six other kiddos were dedicated in the 9:30 service as well as several babies in the other two services.  The pastor said a brief word, the congregation said a verse of encouragement, and then he came down the row and said a word to each of us.  It was a moment that we had looked forward to for several months. While
Abby was in the hospital we received invitations for the spring and summer dedications and those weren't an option for her.  The struggles and setbacks early in her life made sharing that moment with our family members, church family and our precious girl Sunday that much more joyous.

Abby did great throughout the short time up at the front, it was us that had a hard time trying to hold it together.  The promise to raise our child up in a faithful and loving family was not one we take lightly.  We know that HE will be with us every step of the way as we try to teach, encourage, and love on Abby.

Another incredible moment occurred after the service had ended.  We were waiting for the rest of the group in the lobby and a women came up to us and asked if she could pray for Abby.  We said sure and the woman, named Susie, prayed for Abby.  She asked god to walk with her as she became a godly woman and I can't begin to describe how special this was.  If you've ever had some one say a good prayer for you, you understand this feeling - it was powerful.

We took pictures with family members and headed to share a meal with everyone after the service.  It was a great celebration and Abigail did so well being passed around and photographed so much.  She is loved by many for sure.
Grammy Sherry
Aunt Brittany
Cousin Craig
Steph's Family
Jody's Family
The whole crew, minus "G"
Okay the "G" had to be patched but it was good!
The Johnson Crew
Thanks to Karen Jo Matsler for taking pictures for us during the service and afterwards.  It was a memorable moment and we are glad it was captured. 

As I reflect about last Sunday and Abigail's life, I keep thinking of a song by Shane & Shane.  It's called "The One You Need"  and if you are a parent/or even if you aren't the message is significant and very fitting.  Here is the link- ShaneandShane.  The video is a tad bit distracting but don't miss the point: As much as we love our children, we hope that they will seek a relationship with the lord.  Because HE loves them/us immeasurably more.

Next week we are headed to San Antonio again for a check-up with the liver specialist.  We aren't certain what all they will want to check on but we are hopeful that they will give us a good report and send us on our way.  We hope to fill you in on Abby sooner that last time. Tomorrow Abigail will be 8 months old!  Holy Moly, that was fast.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Doing Just Fine

We've been too busy to blog lately but much has happened since the last entry.  Both of us working and figuring out how to manage the change has kept us from writing.  Sorry about that.

My parents have been taking care of Abigail on days when Stephanie worked the night before.  So far that has worked out great.  I drop her off in the morning and Stephanie comes to get her in the afternoon after some much needed sleep.  It has been fairly manageable and we are really thankful they are available to take care of her.

Here are a few pictures of the last few weeks.

Abigail turned seven months old last month and she is now 15 pounds 8 ounces and 26-3/8 inches long.  She is growing well, learning to eat solids, working on sitting up, and getting a mouthful of teeth.  She is pretty stinkin' cute too!  Hopefully we won't let as much time pass until the next post but I'm not promising anything.