Thursday, July 05, 2012

Go Rangers!

Over the past few months we've enjoyed some great days at the Ballpark.  We took Abby to her first Ranger game in May with our friends the Mitchells and she did great.  She loved the music in between innings and the players walk-up songs.  She also loves sharing mom and dad's nachos (sans jalapenos and cheese). 

Jessie, Kaitlyn, Stephanie, Abby and Lauren
Abby and Mommy
Abby and Daddy

Snapping to the beat!

Worn out!
We also got to celebrate Father's Day at the game and we had a nice spot in the shade.

The family on Father's Day

A few days later we returned and made it through the sweltering heat for another Ranger win!

Trying out our shades!

Mommy showing me how its done!
We had some company too! The Edwards and their daughter Ella.
The next time out we had great seats! Thanks Mr. Hewatt.
Grammy keeps me entertained.
Right before I was on the Jumbotron.
Nachos please.

The last time daddy went he didn't even bring a real camera, all he had to show for his great seats were phone pictures.  He sure did have a good time though and he and his friend Zack got on tv too.

Its been so much fun introducing Abby to baseball and the stadium atmosphere.  We have had a pretty darn good summer so far and so has our team.  Of course, we hope to be rooting for the Rangers in the World Series again this year!  

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